The Robot Is You  Take control!

Take control of your favorite robot with 3D gestures!

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Tutorial to setup your AR.Drone and control it through 3D gestures and moves.

Setup your system:


1. Install your 3d depth sensing camera (SoftKinetic DepthSenseTM , Microsoft KinectTM , Asus XtionTM ...)


2. Download and install iisuTM from SoftKinetic website (Gesture Recognition middleware used by the program).


3. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.


4. Download and install Drone Control client software from Vigo Universal.




Become a pilot:


1. Turn on your AR.Drone and wait for green light to be on.


2. Connect your computer to your AR.Drone through Wi-Fi.


3. Launch application Drone Control and connect to you AR.Drone.


4. Use gestures as listed below to move the AR.Drone.







If you drone move to fast connect you drone to your iPhone / iPad / Android go to settings and slow down engine speed.


Make sure you have enough place to manipulate your AR.Drone before launching application.